Mirage Inks | Technical
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  • technical picture The technical department makes up a third of Mirage overall staffing.

  • A high proportion of the technical team are graduate chemists.

  • Bespoke development capability.

  • Collaboration with key raw material suppliers.

  • Individual confidentiality agreements/collaborations.

  • Highly experienced Quality Control department.

  • Fully equipped R&D and Colour Matching laboratory.

  • X-Rite Ink Formulation Software (IFS) Manufacturer Software - used to produce blend formulations more efficiently and also in conjunction with customers who have X-Rite (IFS) Printer Pro Software. Pantone accredited & can match to pantone book, pantone ‘digital’ & pantone ‘live’ databases.

  • Infra Red Spectrophotometer - fingerprints raw materials and substrates - used extensively for quality checks and problem solving.

  • RK Flexiproofers.

  • U.V. curing facilities.

  • Long standing technical relationships with numerous customers.  
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• Exemplarary technical facilities

• High standard of quality control