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Please visit the links on the right to learn more about the different ranges of U.V. Cationic and U.V. Free Radical inks available.

U.V. Cationic

Suitable for the most demanding specifications of flexible packaging when printing onto a wide range of polymer, paper and foil substrates.

INKS - A full range of colours is available for supply either as bases for in-house blending or as pre-matched colours. Other speciality colours are available e.g. iridescent, pearlescent and invisible fluorescent.

LACQUERS - Available versions range from very high gloss to matt, providing exceptional scuff, heat and product resistance. Compatible with specifically developed solvent and water based ink systems.

ADHESIVES - Providing excellent lamination bonds, available in either clear or opaque versions for pre or post cure applications.

RELEASE COATINGS - Silicone and other release coatings are compatible with the Quartz range of inks.

PRINTING APPLICATIONS - Shrink Sleeves, Cartons, Flexible packaging, Polyamide casings, Labels, In Mould applications, Industrial applications.

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U.V. Free Radical

A comprehensive range of products suitable for both general purpose printing of filmic and paper label substrates and the more demanding heat shrinkable filmic materials.

INKS - A full range of colours are available including high opacity whites, metallics & fluorescents. The colours can be supplied either as ‘single-pigment’ bases for in-house blending or as pre-matched colours. Other ‘special’ products are available on request, for example iridescent, pearlescent and invisible fluorescent colours.

LACQUERS - Very high gloss & matt finishes available (with or without an optical brightener) for high slip, foil blockable, ‘peel & read’, & adhesive deadening applications. Lacquers are also suitable for overprinting Mirages’ water based ‘Glacier’ label inks.

ADHESIVES - Cold foiling, laminating and pressure sensitive adhesives available.

PRINTING APPLICATIONS - Flexible packaging, shrink sleeves, labels (filmic and paper), industrial applications.

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